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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

North Dakota trip - Good bye Tuttle School!! (longest post ever!!)

Me and some of my class members - Morgan Almer, Leesa Jones, Stephanie Johnson, Tanna Richard.

Tyson and I drove to North Dakota this past weekend for my All School Class Reunion. For those of you who don't know - I'm from Tuttle North Dakota - population 106 (in 2000 so it's smaller now). Anyway the Tuttle School officially closed after the 2007 school year because it was getting SO small. The town decided to auction off all the school supplies and have a huge celebration for everyone who graduated from there. There were 14 people in my graduating class and we had a pretty good turn out for our class at the reunion - about 6 of us came! Anyway, it was So much fun to be back (well, I had fun, Tyson tolerated it!! Hey, he got to laugh silently in his head every time he met someone new and heard their North Dakota accent!) I didn't take very many pictures of my class mates and I wish I had, but Dad and Tyson were already teasing me for all the the other pictures I took! Anyway, it was good to be back in Tuttle, visit the farm and hang out with Dad's family - sorry for all of you who I didn't get to see, but we were only in ND for Friday and Saturday. Yep, we are totally crazy for driving that far for such a short time, but it was fun - Thanks Tyson for trying to understand the small town connection!

We went shooting with Mom, Dad and my brother Stuart Friday night

I guess this was my mom's first time Ever shooting a gun! After a few kind of scary tries she actually hit a pop bottle!! Way to go Mom!!

This is me with Mrs. Morrison (the band and Choir teacher) and two of my class members Leesa Jones and Tanna Richard.
The Tuttle Post Office burned down a few months ago - it's really sad to see the school closing and some of the buildings dying - but hey, we do have a new grocery store!
Inside the Post Office
The famous BSer bar in Tuttle - get it?? Tyson had to take this picture:)
Dad and Tyson in one of the elementary rooms looking at maps from the early 1400's :) j/k

The library - they didn't sell the books because they're donating them to another school that was destroyed by a tornado.

Dad and Tyson in the 5th and 6th grade room - the smell brought back so many memories!
This is the view of practically the whole town from the high school office window - yeah, there was no escaping or cutting class here - they knew you were gone 3.5 minutes after school started!
The one hall way in the high school side is lined with each year's graduating class - here's mine - I told you there were only 14 of us and 4 were from another town!!
Our school song - this bad boy has had it's words changed so many times it's not even funny. (the school was combined with like six other schools for sports and music!)

They decorated the gym for one last prom - yeah right - lets just say, we did not go to this thing!

the "huge" playground - yeah if you click on this picture to enlarge it, you will see the yellow slide at the end of the jungle gym - when I was in elementary school I suddenly got this really bright idea in my head at recess that it would be really cool if I did a bunch of somersaults down the slide - yeah - that didn't go so well - it was probably the first really stupid career move I ever made!!
The Tuttle School - the taller part was the elementary side (K-6) and the longer side is the high school side (7-12th). :)
This is for our exchange student Kanako - yep, the barn finally fell down!!

Our mailbox for the farm - they didn't get street addresses until about 10 years ago and the street signs just came a little while ago - note the Huge address - in the middle of no where!!! looking at our farm 1 1/2 miles in the distance - yes, our mail box is that far away.
our street sign
Tyson with a horse my uncle Roger brought out to the farm

The barn - poor thing has been through several tornadoes and prairie hurricanes
looking at the house and the quanset
My 20 week pregnancy picture - AND this is the exact spot I was born 30 years ago in my parents pick up truck on the way to the hospital in - they made it 8 miles from the farm!!!

These videos are of the school auction in the gym and the Elementary and High School sides of the school - sorry I missed some rooms and the cafeteria - you're not missing much - Tyson was actually Shocked when he went into the cafeteria - it's not much bigger than some of the class rooms!!! Well, that was our trip - hope you enjoyed your tour of Tuttle!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Yep - I'm now 30 - Yikes!! We went out to dinner with the Hillers and Serena - thanks for coming guys!!

Hmm - this lemon looks good!! Wow!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're buying a house!!

So we have been looking off and on for houses for over a year now and we finally found the one that felt right. We found this house along with several others online and went out with our realtor to look at them. We actually looked at this one twice in one night and surprised ourselves when we told her we wanted to put an offer on it. So we went back to her office and finished the paperwork around 10:30 that night. After a few days of playing the counter offer game, we finally got the sellers to agree on what we wanted and they accepted our offer at a pretty good price! If everything goes as planned, we will close on July 9th and have the keys on the 10th! The house is in Clearfield, but it's closer to what most people consider Layton - the city boundaries are funny in the area. It's also really close to Heidi and Josh's house. We want to put in a fence and Tyson is excited to be able to finish the basement. These pictures are what the sellers had online, but it's not on anymore because it's under contract - so the stuff in the house isn't ours - but I think she decorated really cute - to bad the decorations can't stay!! Not every room is pictured, but we'll add more once we get in. Is there a word that can combine exciting and nervous together?!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our FREE stay at the Grand America Hotel

My boss had a conference for Regence Blue Cross this weekend, and he ended up not being able to use the free hotel room at the Grant America, so he gave it to me and Tyson! Yeah, it's a Five Diamond hotel here in Salt Lake and the room we stayed in is $300 a night!!! The 8oz. bottle of Coke in the fridge cost $3 - hey it comes in a glass bottle!! We took pictures of our room and view, since we will probably Never go there again - unless we get another free room!! Here's the link for a room like ours if anyone is interested - you know for all you big spenders out there;) ok - so it wasn't totally free - we paid $10 for parking - haha!!

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss