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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

So, this is all that's left of the dozen long stemed roses Tyson gave me for part of my Valentine's Day gift. They were beautiful red roses - for a couple of hours - we woke up the next morning to find all of them wilted and shrivled:( Anyway we left them like that until today when I couldn't take it any longer. I cut all the blossoms off the stems and put them into a bowl of water. I think they still have a few more days left to them! At least they don't look like they're dying anymore!! Thanks for the roses Tyson - I love you Baby!!
We did have a nice Valentine's Day though - we got home from work, made a great steak dinner, then went to a terrible movie - Fool's Gold - DO NOT GO SEE IT!!! Despite the fact that we made a really bad movie choice, it was still fun to be together. Hope you all had a great one too!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here we come to save the day!!

This is from the weekend we spent up at Amy and Ken's cabin in Heber - I couldn't get the video to work until now. This is Tyson and the rest of the guys digging out one of the snowmobiles that were with us that "had an accident" then got stuck in a ditch. The guys got pretty good at digging out snowmobiles by the end of the weekend:) We're just glad no one was hurt.

An Epic Ride?

(This is not from the ride on this last saturday, but one before it. It was beautiful up there. None the less the picture will never do justice to the beauty that was beheld by those who put the tracks in the powder.)

Well you might all be getting really tired of me posting about snowmobile trips that I have taken with my friends. I guess if you rather I could post about my engineering geology class. Somehow I bet if I did that there would be a overwhelming response to post about snowmobiling again, not because everyone likes snowmobiling as much as I do, but because the info about my class would much less amusing.
So on Saturday Febuary 2, once again my friends and I headed out to the Uintas. I probably should have stayed home and done an oil change on the truck, or homework, but the 3 feet of powder that had fallen since the previous tuesday was just too much to resist. Here are some of the pictures from the ride. Each comment applies to the picture that is above the comment.
This is my good friend Dan not having any fun on, dare I say, perfect day in perfect snow.

I couldn't let Dan be miserable by himself so, reluctant as I was, I decided to join him in his misery. I mean that is what a good friend would do right?

Thanks to some good camera work from Trevor, and a rather nice little camera, this is picture #2 in a fast sequence. The picture above this was #1 in the sequence.

#3 in the sequence. I love the cloud of powder blowing back.

This one does not follow in sequence. In fact it was a bit of a mistake. I came in a lot closer to the camera man than had been anticipated, but it still turned out one heck of a shot.

Thanks to all for the good ride. Those that were there know what an awesome day it was and how excited I was about the ride especially that commited sidehill. I can't neglect thanking my wife for her patience in dealing with my addiction. I hope you all enjoyed the picts.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to cut your husband's hair and live to tell about it

So Tyson really needed to get a haircut, but he never had time because he works all day then has school all night. So, I get this text message from Tyson the other day saying, "do you want to go buy some clippers and cut my hair tonight? I'm for trying it. Between you and me we could do it, you could call your mom to get pointers" HA HA!! Are you kidding me??? I've never cut a guys hair before - I have tried to cut my own and that was one of the dumbest things I've ever done - huh Serena?! Anyway, I said I would do it -you know, cuz I'm trying to be a good wife:) I think I had a small heart attack, then I called my mom and said "HELP!!!" She gave me some pointers, I baught some clippers at Target - I was ready - heh, heh. Make sure you read the directions first - they are very tricky...
The before shot - you need to make sure your husband is in a very good mood - you don't want to die
"it's easy! Want me to try it first?"
"See, just like this:)"
"Ok, whatever you say, here goes nothing!"

"Wait!!! Give me that thing! I think I should do this part myself!!"
by the way, don't wear a black sweater when cutting hair - yikes!
about an hour and a half later, "I think I'm done!! Want to see it??"
"I actually like it!"

Da da dada!!! Ta da!! He doesn't even have to wear a hat to cover anything up- but he will anyway!!!! And now I can breath again!

Weekend with Bismarck Friends at the cabin!

Amy (Zentz) and Ken Johnson had some of the Bismarck friends over to their cabin in Heber for the weekend. It was so fun to be together and meet new friends - Thanks Amy and Ken!! (if you want to hear a really good "snowmobile getting stuck story" ask Tyson;)

Dinner with Stephanie and Leesa

These are my friends Stephanie and Leesa from high school - Stephanie comes out to Utah every year for the Sundance Film Festival - and to see Leesa and I of course!! It was fun to see you again Steph!

Happy Late 2nd Birthday Kathryn!! January 10, 2008

yes, yes - I know I'm cute

hmm - a puzzle - nice.
all the loot
hey - guys - I don't think this phone works
come on - do you need help with that candle or something?
Hey - I need some cake too!!

The Guys watching Transformers

I just can't seem to get enough of this icecream!!

our poor tree

So I know this post is really past due - as with all the other ones I'll post today, but anyway - this is our Christmas tree the day we took it down - it was really hard, because it had begun to grow new shoots all over it!!! The poor little guy was still trying to survive:)

Remembering President Hinckley

February 2, 2008
I just thought I would share some thoughts I’ve had this morning. I just finished watching the funeral for our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. I am so thankful for the wonderful spirit I have been able to feel this morning as we were able to remember his marvelous life. I loved his whit and humor, his sweet dedication to the Lord and to us. I feel so blessed to have been able to feel the love he had for all of us and for the spirit I was able to feel each time I heard him speak. I know he was called of our Heavenly Father to lead and direct us and I have been able to become a better person because of that direction. I remember being able to shake his hand when he came to the dedication of the Bismarck Temple – he was so cute and so short! But the spirit that radiated from him was such a testimony to me, that he was called of the Lord – his mouthpiece to his children on the earth today. I am so happy he can finally be back in Heaven with his lovely wife – I was always so touched when I saw them together – he was always so tender with her and by simply watching them, you knew of their deep love, respect and dedication to each other. I love President Hinckley – I am so thankful that I was able to gain a testimony for myself that he was the prophet and that he loved us as well. All God asks of us is that we give our best. I know President Hinckley gave his best and by doing so, he inspired me to do my best as well. Thank you President Hinckley for touching my life as well as millions of others throughout the world.
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss