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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got Milk??

Yesterday my almost two year old nephew Ethan came over with my sister Serena. He was playing with some blocks while I was feeding Brenna when he came over to see her and say hi to her. I told him Brenna was eating and didn't think anything of it. A few seconds later, Ethan ran out to the kitchen saying "Milk. I get it". Serena and I thought he wanted a drink of milk so she started to get some for him when we both realized what he was really doing. He had gone into the freezer, grabbed a "four pack" of frozen breast milk and ran over to me saying, "here ya go"!! SO FUNNY!! So, I pretended to feed her some of it and told him to put the rest back in the freezer, so he did and went back to his blocks - his job was done!!!

By the way, this is what our freezer looks like - any suggestions on what I can do with all this milk?????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Deer Hunt 2008

Well, some of you know already, others don't, but my 2008 deer hunt was a success. On November 7th, yes a legal date due to an extended hunt, I dropped this 3X4. I'm not really sure how to score him, or even how measurements are taken, but is about 22 inches wide and from the base of is skull to the tip of the longest tine is 19 inches. It was a fun hunt having my dad and brother-in-law there with me. We hiked and glassed all morning in fog and cold, then hopped back in the truck to head to another area and I saw this guy quartering away from me. I stopped the truck, left it running, and was amazed as I slid out the door the he didn't bolt. When I first saw him I couldn't tell how big he was. My brother-in-law put his spotting scope on him and said he was just a wide spike, then he amended his sighting to be a three point. When I dropped the rifle scope on him I noticed the 4 point and the nice eye guards. Buck fever then set in and I pulled the trigger.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We love Dr. Fillerup!!!

Here's Brenna with our favorite Dr. Fillerup! I went in for my six week check up today - a day after I should have had her!! Seriously - if anyone needs an excellent Dr. she's the one - we can't even begin to explain how much we appreciate her - she's such a genuine caring person - we owe her so much - literally!!

Welcome to the family Kiera Roxie!

My sister Theresa and I were due the same day, but we all know that didn't happen! Here's Kiera Roxie at one week and Brenna Mae at six weeks!!

Look at those feet!


this is my costume...

Brenna and cousin Yoda - I mean Ethan:)

Baby shower - Thanks Everyone!

My sisters threw a baby shower for Brenna and here are some shots from the day - I didn't get very many with my camera - I need copies Heidi and Serena!! :)

This is my old college roomie Amanda - Go Ricks College!

The North Dakota Gang

Cousins - Aubrynn and Brenna

So Cute! Thanks Layla!

The Grandmas - and Aubrynn

Livia and Brenna - Livia's two days younger and over a pound heavier! (Livia's mom Sally grew up with us in North Dakota)
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss