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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Nelson family!!

I only like you from a distance...

Brenna has really enjoyed all the Christmas decorations in our house. She really likes all the decorations of Santa and she can even do a great "Ho!Ho!Ho!" impression. BUT when she got to see the real thing, this is what happened:) Sorry Santa, maybe next year will go better!

Let's do a photo shoot!

Well, I decided to try to take some pictures of Brenna in her Christmas dresses by the tree - this is what I got:) Most of them were of her walking towards me or away from me - at least I got SOME good ones!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Shake it!!

We have a WALKER!!!!

Well, she's finally decided to go ahead and do it!!! She's 14 months only has 2 1/4 teeth but she's finally walking!!! She finally took her first steps while we were getting ready for church one Sunday morning. I had just put her in her new pretty Christmas dress from my parents and stood her in front of a full length mirror so she could see herself - and she took three steps towards herself!!! Tyson and I were both shocked - yay Brenna!!



We went up into the Uinta's again this year to cut down our Christmas tree - it's fun and it's only $10 people!!

Brenna sure loves it and says, "ooooooooooo" every time she sees it. She's pretty good at staying away from the ornaments too. Thank goodness!

Who needs toys when you've got this??!!

We finally gave in and had to put locks on all of the cupboards - I HATE them and so does Brenna. She has discovered however, that this drawer is still able to be opened and she will spend hours throwing everything she finds in it over her shoulder. It's such a mess but she loves it so much. I have given up and only clean it up once or twice a day - I'd rather step over Tupperware all day than have an unhappy little girl:)

Hours of fun...

well until it isn't. :)

Happy Thanksgiving - a little late:)

For Thanksgiving this year, we took a three hour drive to spend the weekend with Tyson's family at my Brother-in-law's family ranch. I didn't get very many pictures:( but we did have a really fun time even though most of us were sick and we ended up leaving earlier than we wanted so we could take Tyson to the Dr. He ended up having strep throat again. Thank goodness for antibiotics - we've sure had our share this month!!

Milk Update

Well - we've finally gotten her to drink milk. After TONS of experimentation with different flavors, temperatures and even rice milk (which she actually really liked) she has decided she only likes her whole milk when it's pink. She is a girl after all:) We have to flavor it with Strawberry Nesquik and it has to be in a bottle. I really don't want her to have a bottle, but I think I want her to drink milk more, so as of now, everything else is in a sippy cup and we'll continue to work on the milk thing. Silly girl

New Love

Old Magazines - rip away baby!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brenna meets Great Grandma Hazel

While we were in North Dakota we were able to visit my Grandma Hazel Hagel (my Dad's mom). Man is she funny!! Crazy story - we told her I was pregnant and she simply said, "I thought so. I just knew when you walked in." Not because I look it, but she just knew - yikes!! She just had hip surgery so she was lounging in her pj's and black socks:) Brenna didn't know what to think at first, but then she discovered her walker and she was sold.

Brenna got to meet the famous goose that used to be in Grandma's yard.

I love this one:)

Four Generation picture
I guess these two got hungry during the visit so they thought they'd share a little snack.

It was so fun to see Grandma again and for Brenna to meet her - we sure love you Grandma!
(even though you wouldn't let Brenna take your socks off - he he)!!
Here are a few videos of our visit - I love listening to all her stories and the little German thing she does with Brenna's fingers. The funniest part of the whole night was when she said Brenna had funny toes!!! hahahahahaha!! Oh man, she cracks me up!

Nort'Da koata

I know you've all been DYING to hear about our North Dakota trip - well, here it is.

Brenna did SO WELL in the car. It was her first major trip (14 hours) and thanks to Baby Einstein Videos and an entertaining Grandpa, she did great.

Of course she fell asleep RIGHT BEFORE each gas stop when we were planning on letting her get out and stretch. Silly girl.

Checking out all the new toys with the Grandparents

Brenna LOVED my dad

and she LOVED the cats on the farm

they really didn't know what to think of her - I don't really think they liked having a baby around!

Checking out all the random decorations at the farm house.

The barn is falling down!!

My old house

Old time thresher

the "famous" Danielson rock

It was SO sad that Mom, Stuart and I were all so sick with colds that week. I didn't get to see very many people but I did make it to the church one night for their craft night and we got to see some of the Billings family. Thanks again Debbie for the fun gifts - Brenna loves them.

My Mom has chimes all over - and of course Brenna had to play with them every time she saw one:)

This deer hanging in my brother Stuart's room was her all time favorite. She LOVED it and had to pet it every time we entered or exited the room!

Tyson came to pick us up and Brenna was so funny when she saw him - it was almost like she wanted him to know she was mad at him for being gone so long. She wouldn't let him hold her and she cuddled into my shoulder (and she's not a cuddler). She finally warmed up to him though and she must have forgiven him;) I felt so bad, but ever since then, she's really snugly with him. She sure loves her Dad.
On the drive back home, we stopped at a rest area near Medora, ND and saw a sign that said something like "Caution, wild Bison". We laughed and Tyson said something like, "wouldn't it be funny if one was right by the bathroom"? Well, there was - and it was right by the bathroom door when I wanted to come out! Silly thing!

Brenna did an awesome job on the drive home too - we were so shocked but most of all we were so happy that she did so well. We had beautiful weather for the drive and even made it through the mountains before it got dark. It was a short trip, but well worth it. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun time and THANKS to Tyson who's idea it was in the first place!!

Here are a few videos of the day we spent out at the farm:)

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss