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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Last Zucchini

Well this morning at 1:55, Brenna decided to wake up and apparently wanted to play. I was already awake listening to the wind gusting and trying to tell if my little garden frost protection contraption was going to take the wind. It has been through some strong sustained winds and done okay, but I was worried about the strong gusts we were getting. I had even gotten out of bed looked out the window and then walked to the living room and window for a better view. I was happy to see that it was doing pretty well.
Alycia got Brenna and brought her back to bed to try and get her calmed down and back to sleep. She didn’t seem too interested in sleeping and was much more interested to try and pry my eye lids open or attempt to rip my nose off. After a couple attempts she gave up when we heard a loud crack outside…and then another .
So I roll out of bed and look outside to see the little contraption waving in the wind, now bent to the east instead of the west. A gust had pulled the west side of the structure clean off the rebar, pulled two wooden stakes and shattered a couple pieces of the PVC frame. So I pulled on a hoddy, and a pair of pants, found some shoes and head out to demolish the rest of it. So at 2:30 this morning in the middle of some gusty winds I was playing with a 8’x20’ piece of 6 mil plastic, stretched tightly on a PVC frame. I swear my neighbors, a couple of which now had their light on, must have thought that I had lost it and was trying to be one of the Wright Brothers.
After having rolled the whole mess up and thrown it in the trailer I set about harvesting the last of vegetables that I could see. I got a couple of tomatoes, some red peppers (more green than red), and the last of the zucchini.
Farewell garden.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shake it

Tyson always whistles songs to Brenna and this is what she did the other night. Sorry about how dark it is - does anyone know how to edit videos to make them lighter??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Got Milk? Nope!

Brenna hasn't nursed for three weeks!!!! She's really done a pretty good job without it and hasn't "begged" for it in a while. It's so wonderful! BUT the only problem is - she refuses to drink milk!! When I give it to her, she'll take a sip, spit it out and look at me like I've gone crazy. Then she'll throw the sippy cup or bottle on the floor. (She used to do the same thing with formula - I couldn't even sneak it into her cereal!) She drinks water and juice just fine. I've even tried to put a touch of chocolate in it and she still won't touch it. She loves cheese, yogurt and of course ice cream, but she won't do the milk. The funny thing is I'm the same way - these things aren't hereditary are they??? So, what do you do when your baby won't drink milk???!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

no more puppy:(

Well, after a day and a half, we decided we needed to get rid of Lady. SO SAD!! She was Such a good dog, but something just didn't seem right, and Brenna was getting to the point that she only liked her when we were holding her. She had been knocked over a few times by the dog and had started to cower and put her hand over her face every time she saw her coming. By the end of the first day, we both felt like we needed to give her away - yeah we only made it a day! Sad huh. It wasn't that we didn't want her or that we didn't want all the extra work, it just simply didn't feel right and a few other things have come up that would make having a dog kind of interesting. So, we called the previous owners because they had said before that they had another family that wanted her when we did. She called us back Sunday and told us she found someone who wanted her. It was one of her brother's friends. So Sunday night he came over with his wife and 7 month old little boy and they took her to a new home. We felt SO much better about the situation and felt Lady would be a lot happier with them. They already have a Black Lab, a backyard with ponds and fish, they had a fence and he is an avid bird hunter. So, good bye Lady - maybe we'll try to get another dog in a few years...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Baby!

We got a new puppy last night! Her name is Lady and she's a 10 month old Yellow Lab.

A few days ago, Tyson got an email from a good friend asking if we still wanted a dog because his co-worker's son in Arizona was needing to give his away. We talked about it and decided to go for it! I grew up with dogs, Tyson has wanted one since he was little and Brenna LOVES dogs. I guess the previous owner got her as a puppy (he paid $900) when his wife was pregnant. Three weeks ago when she had the baby, she realized she was very allergic to the dog! So, because of her allergies and because they lived in a small apartment, they decided to give her away. Their main concern was that she went to a good home. They were coming up to Utah this weekend to visit family and decided to bring her with so we could get her. So, we picked her up last night. They showed us all the tricks she can do and they played with her and said good bye - as we drove away, they were crying - we felt SO bad!!! We hope she'll be happy here with us and not destroy our house to much!! She's really a pretty good dog and hasn't barked once since we got her! Apparently, she is bred really well and has a few champions in her blood line. She did have an accident on the kitchen floor this morning, but we're pretty sure it's just because she's in a new place - at least she chose the kitchen floor and not the carpet! She is house trained, she'll give high and low five, shake hands and "wait" for a treat. We still have some training to do (Tyson wants to take her hunting) but I think we're off to a pretty good start!

We needed a make shift collar because the previous owners kept her old one as a keep sake:)

She found a tennis ball and was in Heaven!

We have her in a kennel downstairs - she did REALLY well for her first night here!

Here's her new collar and tag - she had a pink one before, but Tyson wouldn't go for that, so we agreed on red.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun with Mr. Potato Head parts and a sleepy messy baby

I just thought this one was cute:)

This is what happens when you try to feed a tired baby spaghetti and broccoli!

Ethan is eight!

Our nephew Ethan got baptized last Saturday! Congratulations Ethan - we're so proud of you!

All of the grandkids


The Bug finally decided she needed some teeth! She got her two bottom teeth at the same time a week after her first birthday. This isn't a very good picture, but it's as good as I'm gonna get cuz she's kind of protective of her mouth lately:) Now she's obsessed with feeling them with her tongue and playing with ours.

Cascade Springs

A few weekends ago we took a drive to Cascade Springs with Tyson's sister and her family. We love going there (it's where we went the day we got engaged) it's SO beautiful. AND we got to try out our new kid carrier we got for SUPER cheap - Brenna loves it (so does Tyson)!!!!

I asked Tyson to take some of the pictures so I could be in some of them - this is what I got - hmmm.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stuck in Reverse

This is one of the gifts we gave Brenna for her birthday - it can also be made into a walker - but it goes to fast for the little bug. She really likes it, but she's stuck in reverse:)


For those of you like us who are cheap and seem to get along fine without cable and all of it's fancy channels, you may know about the Create! channel. It's great and I have really enjoyed watching the cooking/craft/travel shows while taking breaks during the day to feed Brenna. Well, I REALLY HATE their theme song that comes on about every half hour - it seriously drives me nuts and I would always mute it when it came on. UNTIL we realized that Brenna LOVED it! Of all the songs for a baby to love! It's SO funny to see her when it comes on - she gets SO excited and usually claps or dances the whole song. I've been trying to get it on tape, but I'm not going to try to get a good video every half hour - this is as good as I'm going to get. So funny.

Just for fun

Just some more pictures just for fun

Another b-day present from one of Tyson's co-workers - she sure loves it - I hate cleaning it up everyday!

This was another gift from my parents - my mom did the wood burning on the stool - so cute huh! The first thing Brenna did was kiss the little flower then she had to touch every picture.

Love it!

We went to Cabela's one day so Tyson could spend his Cabela bucks from work. Brenna loved the fish and all the animals. It was so funny - she growled at all of them, even the deer, but when she saw the huge polar bear, she said, ohhhhh -the same noise she makes when she kisses her little baby doll!

Brenna's eye Dr. came highly recommended by Mr. Potato Head.
It has been getting pretty cold at nights here so we needed to cover the garden - here's Tyson's solution - pretty cool huh!
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss