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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I'm sitting at work right now watching my belly move up and down about every second because the baby has the huccups. She gets them about three times a day now - it's crazy because they come so close together. I think it's so cute!

Monday, August 25, 2008

30 Weeks!!

ok - I don't really like this picture - but here I am at 30 weeks. Only 10 to go!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's our 2nd anniversary today!!

We've been married for two years today!! I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun:) We have been so blessed and feel so lucky to be with each other. Thanks for two wonderful years Tyson - I love you more everyday!!

It's a girl!!!

So after 4 ultrasounds we finally found out that we're for sure having a girl!! AND she has tons of hair - we could see it waving around and it's really thick around the bottom back - we're hoping she's not born with a mullet! So far she weighs 2.9 pounds and she's laying diagonally - her head is right in my ribs on the right side and her feet are on the bottom left - ouch!!! It even hurts when I laugh!! The perinatologist said he's not worried about the fluid level (it's around a 10)but we still need to go in once a week for ultrasounds to measure the fluid just to make sure it doesn't drop again. They don't really know why the fluid was low before because everything looks good with me and the baby - so I guess I'll keep drinking water since that helped. We're just happy she's ok!!
She was very modest - it took a while to get the "girl" shot!! The hair - wow! This is a view of the back of the head on the left with her spine.

Funny!!! Things You Don't Say to your Wife!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Funny story - doughy pizza and a really nice man

So, the night we got up to Trial Lake, we ended up driving down to the small town of Kamas to call Tyson's sister (they came later than we did and we were trying to get connected - that's another story though) Anyway, we couldn't get ahold of them so we decided to get a pizza at the local pizza place. While Tyson was paying, I casually looked at all the ice cream flavors they had because I got kind of bored. We went outside to wait for our pizza and got to hear the local rodeo blaring over the town speakers. We also got to hear a lovely conversation about a guy being recruited for another gang and how he didn't know what to do because he was loyal to the first one and he didn't want to have to prove himself in the new one and how he didn't want to go to jail for 7 years because his girlfriend wouldn't wait for him that long - she even said she wouldn't - it was pretty funny. I didn't realize such a small town would have a more than one gang!! Whatever! While we were waiting, the owner of the pizza place suddenly came out with a small cup of chocolate ice cream, walked over to us, gave it to me and said, "Now you look like a chocoholic if I ever saw one - I remember my wife when she was pregnant and she would have wanted this." I said thanks - it really was a nice gesture. Inside I should have been thinking,"what a really nice sweet man!" instead, I thought, "holy crap, how bad to I look anyway? Do I really look that desperate??!! I don't even like chocolate ice cream that much!" Uh, yeah it had already been a long day and I was tired, it turned out that the ice cream was VERY good and I really did need it!! Ahh the pregnancy hormones! Well, we finally got our pizza and had to take it back because it was SO doughy (shouldn't the cheese be stringy and not the dough?) When we finally got it back, it was a little dark, but we were so hungry it was still good! So if you're ever in Kamas, UT and want some pizza and ice cream, you know what to do:)

24th of July - Camping!!

So here in Utah, July 24th is a holiday (celebrating the date when the pioneers entered the valley) so we get work off!! This year, we started by doing some fireworks in front of Tyson's parents house. Tyson runs the show and the rest of us sit back and watch - here are some favorites.

The next day, we packed up Tyson's parents camping trailer and drove up the Mirror Lake Highway to spend the rest of the weekend camping with Tyson's sister & her family (Tyson's parents and sister Megan went up to Mount Rushmore). We ended up getting REALLY lucky and found two campsites right next to each other by Trial Lake. We were so happy to have the trailer because it rained and rained one night - sure beats the tent!!
Ethan and Alex testing out the water
Tyson fly fishing
I guess the water was nice enough to get in!
So there was a hole in one of the rocks by our campsite, so Alex and I decided it would be fun to put something in it so see if it would fit. Alex suggested his Sunny Delight bottle and he put it in and it slipped really far into the hole - oops!!

Ethan trying his hardest to get the thing out - the next day Tyson got the end of a wire coat hanger really hot and poked the lid and it came right out - totally making the boys day! ( I missed all the action, sorry no picture of the final result!)
Aubrynn's first camping trip - very exciting for her:)
Thanks for letting us borrow the trailer!!!

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss