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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Last Saturday my sister Heidi and her Husband Josh had a Halloween party at their new house - it was SO fun - here are some pictures:)

This is my niece Kathryn - she was SO cute as a little pumpkin and even cuter when she got into the toy basket!
These are some of the kids before they went home
Serena and Addison Christenson
All the witches!! Serena, Serena's roommate Sherie, Debbie Hiller, Kylee and Addison Christonson
Theresa and her kids - Lydia, Kathryn and Kenton
Ron and Ronda (Riskedahl) Christenson - It was like pulling teeth to get Tyson to dress up - he felt better when he saw Ron!!
Me and Tyson
Serena - seriously - she scared all the kids!!
Josh, Ethan and Heidi
Kathryn always looks so sleepy when Tyson is holding her! She snuggles in and sucks her thumb

These are the eyeballs I made!! Powdered sugar doughnut holes, gummy life savers and chocolate chips! Yum
Me, Kenton, Ethan, Kathryn and Lydia - They are SO funny!!
Ethan - the Octopus and Lydia the fairy
Cute Kathryn
nice bike!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A few random pictures

Here are some totally random pictures that I thought would be fun to share. They are some that were taken just in the past few weeks. The one with me reading to my sister Heidi's little boy Ethan was taken at my nephew Kenton's b-day party. It was a really cool dinosaur pop up book and Ethan loved it, but right after this picture was taken, he reached out and ripped the book - oops! The one of Tyson and Jesse was when they were fixing Jesse's car - I guess they got stuck and had to turn to some instruction manuals for help. Well, they ended up being the wrong books but they were able to fix the car anyway - so is it still working Jesse?? The other one is of me and Tyson's sister's boys Ethan and Alex and me having a fun ride in Park City - hey I fit and it was actually comfortable!!

Camping Camping Camping

We love camping and try to go every chance we get in the summer. We go with Tyson's family. His parents and one sister both have campers and Tyson and I have our tent - yeah - can you tell who just got married and can only afford a tent??:) Anyway these pictures are from one trip that my parents and Jesse and Serena were able to come visit for the day. It was so fun being up in the mountains with both our families. Tyson and Brien spent a couple hours building a dam on the little stream by our camp and the guys had some fun shooting stuff like huge cucumbers and empty spray paint cans - boys.

Our One Year Anniversary - 08-18-07 - Yellowstone!

Ok, so this is really old news by now, but I thought I'd share some pictures of our 1st anniversary trip to Yellowstone in August. It rained on us everyday!!! Seriously, we got soaked everyday we were there, we learned very quickly to bring change clothes and one day we even had to stop at one of the lodges to use their dryer because we were so wet - and when I say wet - I mean dripping! Once we got used to being wet all day everyday, it really was a fun trip. We saw tons of wildlife including 5 bear:) We stayed in such a cute cabin in West Yellowstone - all their hotels were so expensive, so when we found a deal on a cabin that was cheaper than one night in a Super 8 we jumped on it - if anyone is planning a trip down their anytime soon and are looking for a cute place to stay, check out Moose Creek Cain - very fun and the owners were So nice! Anyway, we had a wonderful time and we can't believe we've been married for over a year already! Time flies when you're having fun!

Friday, October 19, 2007

A new member to the Nelson family - pictures coming soon;)

This is an email Tyson sent out to all his friends a few weeks ago - he thought it was pretty funny how he worded the title!

I know that all of you would want to be the first to know about the news that Alycia and I have to tell you. I contemplated the best way to let you all know without someone being offended that they didn't hear it before some one else. So to solve this dilemma I decided to just email the news. That way if you find out before or after someone else, you only have yourself to thank or be mad at. Of course those whose email addresses I don't have I guess will still be mad at me, but I can't please absolutely everyone right?
As you all know Alycia and I have been married for a year and about two months. In this time we have often contemplated when the right time would be to add an additional member to our new family. I take pleasure in announcing that the time has come. Yes, my friends, that's right, the time is here for me to announce that there will soon be another member to the Nelson Family. Alycia is - well -how do you say it -letting me buy a new snowmobile!
That's right I will be picking up a 2000 Polaris RMK 800 on Tuesday night. More details and pictures of the new arrival to come in the near future.
If any are wondering what an appropriate gift would be to express you excitement for our new family member, might I make a few suggestions: handle bar risers, cover, skid plate, or if you would all like to go together on a trailer.
I'm just kidding about the presents!!!
Tyson and Alycia too (although she took no part in this, other than really letting me buy a new sled.)

I guess I've been tagged!

The rules are...A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.B. Tag seven people to do the same.C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. Ok – everyone who reads this is going to think I’m totally OCD – But I don’t care. Here it goes; I absolutely HAVE to have even numbers of things I eat like M&M’s, Skittles, chips, nuts, etc. I can only eat 2 or 4 or 6 etc, if I eat three at a time it’s ok, but only if I eat three more to make it an even six!
2. I LOVE steamrollers – going back to number one, I also like things to be really smooth. Seriously – if everyone I knew chipped in a few bucks, I bet I could get one for a birthday or Christmas present. Tyson got to drive one the other day at work (it’s not part of his job description as a construction manager, but they asked if he would like to drive the paver and steamroll part of Legacy Highway when he went to check on a job site and he said “Heck ya!”) Anyway – he came home and told me his boss said I could drive one anytime I want. I don’t think I could ever be a steamroller driver though – I’d probably get fired for taking too long ‘cuz the road would have to be perfect!! It would bother me if it wasn’t totally smooth.
3. About liking everything smooth – just a little bit of satin makes me really happy. Not too much, just a little – I don’t want to look like I’m wearing an 80’s prom dress for Pete’s sake! I’m obsessed with lotion – I need smooth skin – this Utah air is killing me here! I also like to touch stuff like fabrics or rocks or plants, for example if I see an interesting texture of something at a store or maybe on someone’s shirt – I have to touch it. Tyson and I were in the mall the other day and he commented on the fact that I was touching everything we passed! I even turned around to go back to something I missed and he’s like – “how did I know you were going to do that!” I don’t even realize I’m doing it until someone points it out.
4. I floss my teeth All the time – thanks Dad! My dad is an avid flosser and has those disposable flossers with him all the time – I guess that rubbed off onto me, But I have to floss – one stinkin’ tooth gets food stuck in it all the time – seriously it’s so annoying and my dentist claims he can't fix it - it's his fault too! Anyway – those Reach flosser’s are my best friends – they look just like a toothbrush – I have two – one at home and one in my purse.
5. I absolutely hate putting away clean laundry or clean dishes – I actually really like doing laundry and washing dishes – but putting the stuff away? No thanks. I have to force myself to do it.
6. I love smells and how they can bring back memories – the smell of coffee and ham reminds me of my Grandma's house and of luncheons after Lutheran funerals – yeah, I already know I’m weird! Anyway, I love the smell of coffee, wet dirt - yum – the farm after it rains, the Spiced Vanilla Salt City candle – I actually hate vanilla scented things, but this candle has a Christmassy cinnamon smell, I also like the smell of sage brush/oregano – seriously one summer day I was walking in the pasture on the farm and I smelled oregano and realized it was the sage brush! I love how the pasture smells on a hot summer day, and I also love the smell Tyson’s cologne and also his deodorant! Some smells make me nauseous though – like the smell of goats and goat cheese/milk – sick! I hate cows milk to start with, but goat milk – barf!
7. I have tons of nicknames – seriously, I don’t think people can call me by my real name! When I was little, my dad called me Aly-ish-a, my friend Lisa calls me Virginia – she even sends me mail addressed to Virginia. Some other ones are Aleesh, Aleeshkabee, and Aleeshpee – yeah, thanks Jesse. I like to call other people Bobby and I like to call silly kids like Jeffrey Billings a gomer.

Well – there ya go – now you all know how weird I am and that I probably need to be treated for OCD. Anyway, I guess I’ll tag; my Mom, Theresa, Heidi, Serena, Lisa Steadman, Layla, and Amy Nilsson. Have fun!
Tyson - I can't believe you got to post before me! I was busy trying to make it look nice;) Anyway - we finally have a blog after months of everyone else asking me when we would get one. Well I finally gave in and made one when I was bored at work. So, here it is - enjoy!

Blog Blotter

WOW, I must be up and coming in the world. I now have a blog. Nope I don't think having a blog says anything about me other that the fact that I have a beautiful wife who is much more social than I. I will, however remind her that while she created the blog, I will be the first one to post on it.
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss