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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Brenna had fun with water the other night...

She had a blast and was SOAKED!!! The good news is the brown spot in our yard that she was standing in has greened up very nicely:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Just for fun. The last one's the best - I finally got him laughing for the camera

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Four years and counting - I sure love you Tyson!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Newest Addition

It was bound to happen. We needed to add another member to the family. Luckily this one doesn't require diapers. That's right Alycia let me purchase another snowmobile. After having sold my Polaris over a year and a half ago, and having sat out last winter, I was itching to see if the "Sled Budget" would come through this season. I started looking off and on in mid May. I contemplated an Artic Cat M7. Every thing I have heard about them is impressive. I talked a lot to two guys at work who have one. This is the one I was looking at. But I kept wondering if there was any replacement for displacement?

Then on the Friday before the week of the 24th I came across one that shifted my focus. A 2007 Summit Adrenaline 800 by Ski-Doo. See, I had been thinking about one of those sleds for a while. A good friend of mine knows them inside and out. And having ridden his '05, and loving it, I was pretty sure I would be happy on one of them. The problem was that everything I was finding was pretty beat up for the year. This one was different. and '07, same chassi as the '05, but with more power and a better track. The motor only has 300 miles on itand is still under waranty throught December. Long story short I eneded up going up the following week and paid off the guys loan on it and came home with it.

Say Hi to ??????, still trying to figure out a good name for her.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This past month...

We finally got our computer up and running again. For those of you who haven't heard, Brenna thought it would be fun to have our laptop go for a swim in apple juice. We ended up having to replace the hard drive since laptops don't like to go swimming in apple juice:)

We've been having a fun summer enjoying the air conditioning in our house:) Easton is getting SO big!! He just turned three months old and he's about 15ish pounds. He's such a sweet little guy. I've been avoiding dairy for about a month now and he hasn't had any more blood in his diapers (unless I accidentally eat something with dairy). I can't tell you how much I want ice cream. So far, it hasn't been so bad, but cheese is the hard one - that stuff is in everything!! We're hoping he grows out of it soon:)

Brenna is really into coloring right now - she'll do it for HOURS!

She really likes her swimming suit - but refuses to run through the sprinklers - they are very scary as you know! She would rather play with sticks and dirt.
Here's our garden with the lovely zucchini bush - good thing we only planted one this year!

Easton's eyelashes are longer than my hair!
Sometimes Brenna's crayons go crazy and draw on the walls. Thank goodness for washable crayons!! I make Brenna clean it up - and she loves it!

This is Brenna's favorite - seriously - she wants ice ALL THE TIME! I shred it and she eats it plain and LOVES it. She will even ask for it for breakfast. Silly kid.

Good thing Easton is a tuff little guy - you have to be to live with Brenna. She sure loves kissing on him!
I'm going to eat their cheeks for breakfast tomorrow morning...


Easton has to sneak and sit in the Bumbo chair when Brenna's not looking 'cuz she doesn't like it when he steals her chair (even though she hated it it when she was little).

These are Easton's three month pictures - he's SO Sweet - look at his tummy!!

This is our handsome three month old before church this morning. He looks so dang cute, but he hated the outfit and couldn't wait for church to be over to get out of it!

He's a lady killer. See ya!

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss