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Thursday, June 17, 2010


My sister Heidi and her little family used to live just a mile away from us. But they decided to up and buy a dental practice in Vancouver Washington and move away. It really stinks - I won't be able to drive the stretch of road between our houses ever again because Brenna will think she's going to "Ete's" house. We went over to their house (that's still for sale (see here)) the night before they left to help clean up and say goodbye.

We had a little pizza

did a little yoga

and said our goodbyes :(

We'll miss you around these parts!!! Come back to visit soon! Love ya


I am IN LOVE with these lips!


This is what Brenna calls a "meha" or mess. She says it anytime she sees a mess and it's so stinkin' cute.

This is also a mess - it happens every day during her nap:)

One Month!

It's crazy how fast this first month went! Easton is SUCH a sweet little boy and he's a HUGE snuggler - he's definitely a shoulder boy.

On his one month birthday, we drove up to Logan with my sister Serena to have dinner at my sister Theresa's new house. They moved in the the DAY BEFORE! On the way, we took a little drive and had a picnic by a little stream.

I guess ET was there too :)
Just kidding - it was only Brenna!

Happy One Month Birthday Easton!


I can't believe how big he's getting! It's probably because he EATS ALL THE TIME!! :)

Brenna LOVES her baby - can you get to many kisses? Nope! One of her favorite things to do is point out all the parts of his body - poor kid, good thing he's a tough little guy!

Happy 27th Tyson!!!

Tyson turned 27 on the 3rd! We celebrated (just the 4 of us) by going to Famous Dave's - great food but the kids didn't think it was very fun. (It was our first time out together with both kids and all I have to say about that is YIKES!!!!)

Somehow I don't have a b-day picture of him with anything but a silly face :)
We celebrated with his family in Bountiful a few days later

Happy Birthday Tyson!!! We sure love you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Sleep Eating"

What's The Bug been up to this past month?? Well, she likes to sneak into the pantry to get snacks, her new favorite word is NO!! and she means it! Her scream has gotten REALLY loud and she's getting to be a pro at using stools to climb on stuff because I can't lift her yet. She's learned how to OPEN the freezer - but somehow forgets how to CLOSE it - for who knows how long!!! She's teething, not sleeping well and thinks popcorn or popsicles are perfectly fine to eat for breakfast.

She plays with her little dishes ALL DAY and loves to leave them ALL OVER the house

She's had quite a tough transition becoming a big sister, for the most part she's still being sweet

AND if you were wondering if you can SLEEP and EAT at THE SAME TIME - you can!!! This is probably the FUNNIEST video I've taken of Brenna - I could watch it all day!

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend was pretty relaxed for us. My Dad came Saturday. On Sunday, all my family (except for us who stayed home with baby) got to see Serena's first TV performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Music and the Spoken Word. Then we all hung out at Serena's house afterward. She has an awesome backyard my a stream and the kids had fun playing together outside. To bad her house sold - good thing we all got to see it one last time:)

Brenna was so stinkin' cute that day!!!

Mom and Dad wanted to get a picture with all their grandchildren - it was pretty funny to try to get all eight kids happy - Serena ended up throwing candy on the couch - haha!

Pretty little bug

Later that day then all day Monday, we were at Crystal Hot Springs hanging out with Tyson's family while they camped there. Why don't I have any pictures from there???!!! Hmm...

Dad comes to visit

My dad was able to fly out here from North Dakota Memorial Day weekend!! I'm SO happy he was able to get away and come to meet Easton and to see everyone 'cuz he's so busy with their store. I'm also glad he got to drive home with Mom so she wouldn't have to do it by herself! Thanks SO MUCH Mom for the help you were to us while you were here!!!!

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss