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Friday, April 30, 2010

One week left!!!

I made it to "full term"!!!! The baby is looking great. Since this was my last appointment, Brenna came with me today (since Dr. F. hints that she likes to see the kids she's delivered) and did fine until I had to lay down. I ended up having to hold her on my chest the whole time. It was so funny, she kept softly patting my belly and kept putting her finger in my belly button. She frowned at Dr. Fillerup the whole time. She's figured out the whole "Dr's office" thing and how you usually get shots while you're there. Good thing I had her protecting me today - no shots for me:) haha

I'm measuring right on and the heart beat sounded great - so it's set - we'll have this baby in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!! It's a good thing 'cuz I'm SO ready to be done with maternity pants!!!!
AND I think we might even have a name picked out this time - right Tyson???? :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

This kid needs a sandbox!

My poor flowerbed!

Good bye beard!!

So a few months ago, much to my dismay, Tyson decided to grow out a beard. I've been trying to convince him that he looks better without it for weeks. The other day, he finally got rid of it because he "didn't want silly tan lines" and thought it would be "to hot for the summer". YAY!!!!!!!!!!!. Brenna's sad - she loved to play with it. Don't worry, he still has his goatee:)


We've been enjoying the nice weather - this kid LOVES to be outside. This is her new favorite place to sit. (I was trying to get her to smile and she wouldn't do it - this is what I got when I said, "show me your teeth.")

I got these shades for 75 cents. They look silly, but she loves them and she really lives up to her nickname "the bug" when she has them on :)

I put her to work weeding the flower bed - hey, I can't bend over anymore to do it myself!

she still loves to eat ice and here she is after steeling some out of Tyson's water.

This kid LOVES dirt - and she LOVES her dad. She follows him everywhere:)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Due Date?

I had another ultrasound today - and heard such good news!! The fluid level was at 8 cm (she said anything above a 7 was good)! Last week I was a 10 and it naturally gets lower now as the baby gets bigger, so that was great to hear. BUT the best part was when she said I didn't have to have a non-stress test today (hallelujah! I hate those things) and I could just start coming in once a week (like a normal pregnant person - ha ha!) for regular appointments! I just have to make sure I keep drinking a ton and I need to do kick counts. The baby is also laying sideways - yeah not so comfortable!

It feels SO NICE to finally hear such good news. I still have to do another c-section :( None of the Dr's at Davis Hospital are willing to do a Vback for me. (Dr. Fillerup had a baby die on her during one once and she's seen enough "ruptures" to make her stop doing them). And since the baby keeps turning sideways or breech, I kind of feel like this is the route we need to go, so we decided to stick with Dr. F again.

The crazy thing is, she called the hospital while I was there to schedule the c-section date!! Yikes, this baby really is coming - and soon!! Depending on how tight her schedule is, we're set to go in MAY 7th around 3 or 4 pm. (I'll only be 38 1/2 weeks, but she wants to go then, because she doesn't want me to go into labor on my own and technically, the baby is considered full term at 37 weeks.)It feels kind of nice to know the date. My mom won't have to wonder when to leave to drive out here and I can -hopefully - get the things done that I need to - 'cuz the NESTING phase has hit - and hard!! SO - three more weeks - oh boy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Direct Quotes...

from Dr. Fillerup - "Wow! (looking at a huge "pocket" of fluid during an ultrasound), we should print this one out twice and frame it!" Then after the ultrasound, "Boy, if these ultrasounds and non-stress tests keep looking this good, we can start treating you like, well like a normal pregnant person!" HA!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7 new posts!!

Sorry our news always seems to come all at once. Brenna doesn't like it when I'm at the computer so I have to get the blog done while she's sleeping. Well, I'm updated - for now:) Hope you enjoy it!!

My view...

Looking down - 34 weeks.

Brenna was born on the first day of week 34 - I made it past that!!! Now I have to do non-stress tests twice a week and one ultrasound a week until baby boy comes. So far so good. The fluid levels have stayed at a 10 for two weeks (at this point with Brenna I was at a 5) and he still moves a ton - six more weeks left!! I hope:)

Plum tuckered out...

This is what happens when you REFUSE to take both of your naps.


We had a fun Easter this year. We got to watch General Conference. Such a wonderful reminder of Our Savior. Brenna loved listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - she folded her arms every time they finished singing thinking they would say the closing prayer:) SO CUTE!

Brenna wondering what the basket was all about.

Hmm... what's in here??


Brenna has rediscovered her bouncy chair from when she was little. She wasn't feeling well that day so she decided to take a Baby Einstein break with some jelly beans. Doesn't that make everyone feel better??

Trying out her new crayons and coloring book. Of course she thought she needed to pray again - she prays about five times at every meal and whenever else she feels like it - good girl:)

Later that day, Tyson's family came to our house to celebrate and eat. Tyson's sister Nikki did an Easter egg hunt in our basement - Brenna didn't wast any time getting into the action!

Now every time we have to go downstairs, Brenna thinks she needs to look for eggs! She even found one that was missed! We're still missing one egg and a snicker's bar - so I guess she's not looking in vain - I swear, she can smell the candy!
We hope you all had a wonderful day!!!!!

I'm the winner!!

Have you heard of this website ?? My sister Heidi told me about it a few months ago. It's pretty cool - you can sign up to win something different every day. AND I won - twice. (Heidi's ticked it wasn't her) The first thing I won was 6 dips from Dip-sy Chics. We tried the Raspberry one with fresh pineapple for Easter - it was ok, but I don't think I'd ever spend $6 on it. I have a dilemma though - they sent us one wrong one. Do you think I should complain or forget about it - I mean it was free after all. ANYWAY, I just won again the other day! It's one that I probably shouldn't have signed up for and probably didn't read right because I just one a setting to take some high school senior portraits from Bishop Images - hahahaha!!!! Guess I'll go get my senior pix done:) Or does anyone know anybody who needs to take some and can't afford it?? By the way, don't go to the site and sign up for anything - it might just decrease my chances to win again!


Brenna has this bedtime thing figured out - we're in trouble.

Pig Tails!!

I got bored the other night when Tyson was at scouts and decided to do this for the first time...
She LOVED them!

I can't believe how old she looks!!

18 months = Nursery at church!!

Brenna got to go to the Nursery at church the last Sunday in March. For those of you who don't know, it's the first class kids can go to in our church. They have to be 18 months old and it's for two hours:) (yes we have three hours of church). We were wondering how she would do but it turned out that she LOVED it! (at least for now - we'll see how next Sunday goes) We took her in and they got out all the toys and she was like, "why did I not know there were toys at church until now?!!" I guess the only time she cried was when it was over and all the kids started to leave. I tried to take some pictures of her with her stuff when we got home, but it's getting pretty hard to get a good shot of this kid!!

see ya!

ALSO - her 18 month stats - 24 pounds 1 ounce and 31 1/2 inches tall - both in the 50th % Doing good little girl! She is FINALLY getting molars - THANK YOU BRENNA. She has also started to tell us when she's filling her diaper - what do you guys think? To early for potty training?? (I think so! Yikes!)

I love this video - Brenna is QUITE the little talker. I just wish I knew what she was saying!! She NEVER sits still and the jibber jabber goes on all day - it's so cute.

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss